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Hi! I’m Faith…


I have been a licensed esthetician for a little over 12 years. I serendipitously fell into the skincare industry and have been grateful ever since. As most of my established clients know, I actually went to school to become a Special Education teacher. And as my complete admiration for the profession still perseveres, once in the credential program, I realized that becoming a teacher was not for me. Completely lost on my next career move, I had this crazy thought to go to Beauty College because of my complete obsession with health and skincare. It was supposed to be my “temporary layover job” before I figured out “a real career.” Needless to say, life took me exactly where I was meant to be. 

Honeydew Flowers-Honeydew.png

Upon returning to my Ventura roots, I took a leap of Faith, and opened Honeydew Skincare in 2020. My space has the intention to include ALL, to make you feel safe, to encourage you to know you are important, to educate you on how to take care of yourself, and to let me take care of you when you are here. I truly wish you well and look forward to beautiful journey we take together.


I have been incredibly fortunate to have been trained and work for some of the most elite day spas in LA and OC areas. Even more importantly, I have been incredible humbled to establish a network, and gained confidence in some truly magical and gifted colleagues that are in this industry. Over the years, the knowledge gained in different skin conditions and concerns has been priceless. Beyond skincare, I secretly pride myself on making that “oh so never fun” waxing service as delightful as humanly possible. By the end of the service, most of my clients are walking out happy campers.

Honeydew flowers-Dream white.png
Honeydew flowers-Dream white.png
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